Friday, December 29, 2006

Wireless Data $ervice

Ran across this article on the globe this morning, interesting look at the adoption rates of wireless data services in Canada (and North America in general) and some of the reasons why the numbers are where they're at.

It brings up a point I've heard a lot in various discussions, that more people would use wireless data if it was cheaper. While for some, that isn't the only issue (there are things like screen size, speed, sounds, etc.) that is a large one that would prohibit people from even being willing to overlook some of the other problems.

I'm a wannabe technophile (wannabe in the budget part of things, not the technophile side), but just can't afford to use a lot of this stuff because I can't justify the outrageous costs for wireless data. So basically I get my 250KB per month and use it to occasionally check the weather, a movie time, or a hockey score if I'm nowhere near a TV or computer.

So, what do you see as problems with wireless data? Is it too expensive, too slow, or what? And will the mobile companies start to bring rates down to drive a larger subscriber base? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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