Friday, December 22, 2006

Look ma, no plugs!

via Engadget

Engadget posted a story regarding a new tech developed by the University of Tokyo. Basically, with the properly equipped piece of electronics hardware, instead of having to plug something into an outlet to recharge or draw power, you would just have to put this on a plastic mat! Nice way to clear up the desk.

I look at this as an even greater boon for business travellers. I'm supposed to go to Europe next month, and if I could just make sure my cell phone, iPod, laptop, etc. would be able to charge/draw power from a flat mat, and the hotel would provide said mat, wouldn't that be great? No longer having to worry about bringing 7 adapters for all your gadgets, and then having to get adapters to make sure they fit the local plugs. Seems like a definite bonus to me.

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